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 It Costs money to live

Discover various opportunities that can provide the extra income you may need to move to and stay in the country.

SMS Textbot Technology

The fact that over 98% of text messages are read and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes should be enough for you to learn all about this amazing technology!

Business Start Ups

This direct commissions based opportunity allows you to opt in at 5 different levels to gain access to a license to resell this course to online business start ups.

Natural Remedies Encyclopedia

If you are wanting a more traditional affiliate opportunity with lower commissions, our NRE is waiting for you!

Is it time to move to the country?


…people are to take their families away from the cities, into the country, where they can raise their own provisions…

Work From Home

Income security in the country can be tough. Here, we offer a jumpstart.  Have a computer/smart phone?  Good, that’s your first step.  (Internet connection is your next step.).     Income security in the country can be tough.  With a computer or smart phone, internet and a willingness to learn and work, earning money AND helping others becomes a joy.

Reduce Debt

By offering sign up scholarships to help with financial road blocks, the path to country income and debt reduction becomes possible.       By offering scholarships to help with enrollment fees for our two commission based compay’s,  the road to debt reduction comes into full view.

Cut the Road blocks!


For many, the call to the country and a sustainable life is urgent (especially in these unprecedented times). Earn some extra income to jumpstart (and sustain) the process.     Financial planning for a country move can be daunting.  For many, the call is urgent, but the logistical practicality seems impossible.  I can help.

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.
― Saint Augustine

Packing up is hard.

 Finding a way is not.

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